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Mike is happy.

DAD: “Ugh, I look so unattractive in this shirt.”
KID: “It’s okay, Dad. You’re already married.”

KID: “Dad, I wish you were a dog.”
DAD: “Why’s that?”
KID: “Because then I’d have a dog.”

DAD: “I wanted to put a big peace sign on the side of the house, but Mom vetoed it.”
KID: “Good. We’re not hippies, Dad.”

KID: “In 1978, God hadn’t made me yet. I was still a cloud.”

DAD: “Do you know where Mom keeps that black pot we use to steam vegetables?”
KID: “You mean the one I used to throw up in?”
DAD: “Nevermind.”

DAD: “… and that’s the moral behind the Wizard of Oz. Nothing’s more important than home.”
KID: “Not even sunscreen?”

DAD: “Goodnight, you Prince of Rhode Island.”
KID: “Goodnight, you King of New England.”

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hi there

The Dissemination of Thought

You learn a lot of new things about food, cooking and improvisation when you’re a single guy living on your own. Some of these revelations, like the fact that vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and beer make a reasonably satisfactory main meal, can save you from starving in the event that you’ve neglected to go shopping. Again. You learn how to prepare a few staple, almost impressive dishes without setting fire to your apartment or sending dinner guests home via the emergency department. Sadly, you also come to understand just how badly one can screw up even the most seemingly idiot-proof of tasks in the kitchen. Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at 5 things I’ve established as a result of my single guy cooking escapades.

1. Instructions are important and should be followed.

They say that rules are meant to be broken; cooking instructions aren’t.

You know those tubs…

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test  for block ddfkfkf

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Get it Right the First Time Revisions


The Daily Post

I’ve had revisions on my mind a lot lately, mostly because I’ve been working on revising some of my writing in a more in-depth fashion than I’ve done in a while. Maybe I should explain that a bit so that I don’t sound as if I’m suggesting that I don’t often revise (that is, that I get it right the first time without much effort at all, which would be a pompous thing to suggest).

For the last year or so, I’ve focused, in my non-blog writing, on short fiction. And for a year, I’ve been writing first drafts pretty much as they came into my head, without a whole lot in the way of revision. Sure, I’ll go back over a piece and find any typos and make a few small structural changes, but by and large, by the time I’ve committed the work to paper, I’ve done enough…

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When do the ends justify the means?


The Daily Post

Topic #318:

When do the ends justify the means?

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