Susan Powell’s family breaks silence

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Powell voicemail: ‘Not able to live’ without sons

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Lawyer: Cops told Powell family arrest was near

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Susan Powell’s parents break silence


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Feather TAST - 04

Week 3’s theme was the Feather stitch.

I started by painting the fabric with a thin wash of acrylics,

feather underpainting

I was genuinely curious about this stitch…I don’t use it often, as I associate its open, sort of mesh-like appearance with crazy patchwork seam decoration.

I like dense stitches, and I wanted to see if I could get some solid meat out of this stitch…use it as a filling for shapes, and how well it would depict those shapes. Of course it worked fine…that’ll teach me to judge a stitch by the way it looks in stitch dictionaries—which are, of course, open and simple for instruction’s sake.

It’s quite a versatile stitch, when you work it close and play with its rays. I’ve actually managed to cram 9 different stitches into this sample…

the regular Feather stitch, followed by wide and dense Cretan stitch…

…Slanted Feather stitch, and 2-needle Feather stitch…

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Freewheeling with Liza Burkin

Why not put my journalism degree to some use?

Armand Saiia is a ball of manic energy. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Saiia spent most of his nine lives as an artist in New York City. However, his jack-of-all-existence work has found him as a sculptor, painter, photographer, filmmaker, chef, restaurant owner, yogi, Qigong healer, wilderness camp instructor, and now– organic farmer. His life story is a tumultuous, bohemian saga that at 56 has spat him out in rural New Mexico. Now, his art has transformed from images and sculpture to growing food and running Desert Grows, a non-profit that donates organic produce to local food banks.

I’ve had the pleasure of laughing with, learning from, and working for Saiia for the past 10 days while wwoofing at a nearby farm. His passion for what he’s doing bubbles out of him in such heated force that I knew I had to get his own…

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