Susan Powell’s family breaks silence

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Powell voicemail: ‘Not able to live’ without sons

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Lawyer: Cops told Powell family arrest was near

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Susan Powell’s parents break silence


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Traffic numbers provided by companies should always be questioned — I mean, of course each company is going to try to present the data in a way that makes them look as good as possible. Which is what New York Times finance writer Andrew Ross Sorkin has understandably done, going to town on Facebook for how it counts its active users in an article out tonight called “Those Millions On Facebook? Some May Not Actually Visit.”

His main criticism is that Facebook counts 845 million monthly active users and 483 million daily active users, but gets to these numbers by including people who click “Like” or take another action on the web or mobile devices — but don’t visit during that time. Because they’re not visiting the home site, where the ads are, he suggests Facebook might not be making as much money off of them.


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Feather TAST - 04

Week 3’s theme was the Feather stitch.

I started by painting the fabric with a thin wash of acrylics,

feather underpainting

I was genuinely curious about this stitch…I don’t use it often, as I associate its open, sort of mesh-like appearance with crazy patchwork seam decoration.

I like dense stitches, and I wanted to see if I could get some solid meat out of this stitch…use it as a filling for shapes, and how well it would depict those shapes. Of course it worked fine…that’ll teach me to judge a stitch by the way it looks in stitch dictionaries—which are, of course, open and simple for instruction’s sake.

It’s quite a versatile stitch, when you work it close and play with its rays. I’ve actually managed to cram 9 different stitches into this sample…

the regular Feather stitch, followed by wide and dense Cretan stitch…

…Slanted Feather stitch, and 2-needle Feather stitch…

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Freewheeling with Liza Burkin

Why not put my journalism degree to some use?

Armand Saiia is a ball of manic energy. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Saiia spent most of his nine lives as an artist in New York City. However, his jack-of-all-existence work has found him as a sculptor, painter, photographer, filmmaker, chef, restaurant owner, yogi, Qigong healer, wilderness camp instructor, and now– organic farmer. His life story is a tumultuous, bohemian saga that at 56 has spat him out in rural New Mexico. Now, his art has transformed from images and sculpture to growing food and running Desert Grows, a non-profit that donates organic produce to local food banks.

I’ve had the pleasure of laughing with, learning from, and working for Saiia for the past 10 days while wwoofing at a nearby farm. His passion for what he’s doing bubbles out of him in such heated force that I knew I had to get his own…

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